Renoir Colors

Color inspiration from Pierre-Auguste Renoir masterpieces.

* Inspiração de cores das obras primas de Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Roy Lichtenstein inspired editorial

Beautiful fashion editorial inspired on Roy Lichenstein's work.
Photographed by Mike Ruiz.

* Lindo editorial de moda inspirado no trabalho de Roy Lichenstein.

Fotografado por Mike Ruiz.


Livio de Marchi

Can you imagine a house made out of books? A house in which even the table, the chairs and the bed seem to have been made of pages to turn and bound covers? You might say that this is a dream turned into reality by Livio De Marchi!
Livio De Marchi

Small apartment

Very small and pretty apartment from Metropolitan Home.

* Apartamento bem pequeno e bonito da Metropolitan Home.

Flush Designs

Flowers from Flush Designs.

* Flores da Flush Designs.

Verwoben (Interwoven)

Marcus Nispel Soho Loft

This nice loft in Soho is the home of Movie Director Marcus Nispel.

* Esse apartamento descolado é a casa do diretor de cinema Marcus Nispel.

Chris Flach

Super nice pictures from photographer Chris Flach.

* Imagens super bacanas do fotógrafo Chris Flach.


The Sliding House

With a sleek and minimalist approach to adaptable living, here’s a sophisticated house that likes to “travel”. Located in a rural site in Suffolk, England, and dubbed the Sliding House, it has mobile walls and a roof that glides along rails to cover and uncover the static parts of the 28 meters long dwelling. Work of London-based architects from dRMM, the ingenious design alters views, lighting conditions and the sense of enclosure inside. Though it’s not the home of our dreams, it’s an amazing exercise of design with a stunning outcome. Our only concern is about the cost. Looks expensive, doesn’t it?

View The Video:

Abandoned GDR era flat in Leipzig

When the Berlin Wall was about to fall, a lot of people
left their homes running away from the GDR government.
This year an architect found a flat in Leipzig, left completely intact.
It appears to have been abandoned in a hurry towards the end of 1989.

The shelves were stacked with East German brands such as ‘Vita’ cola,
‘Marella’ margarine, ‘Juwel’ cigarettes and ‘Kristall’ vodka.
A true museum from that time.

* Quando o muro de Berlin estava prestes a cair, várias pessoas
deixaram suas casas fugindo do regime da RDA.
Esse ano um arquiteto encontrou um apartamento em Leipzig
deixado completamente intacto.
Parece ter sido abandonado
às pressas
no final de 1989. As estantes estavam cheias de produtos da Alemanha Oriental:
"Vita" cola, margarina "Marella", cigarros "Juwel" e vodka "Kristall".
Um verdadeiro museu da época.

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