Difícil  resistir à beleza dessa foto da recepção
do Park Hyatt Washington D.C.
idealizada pelo designer Tony Chi.

Grandes idéias, pequenos espaços.

O arquiteto Dean Nota usou uma encosta
ingrime com vista panorâmica,
 para fazer esta casa básica e adorável
na Califórnia.

Nice review in Homes & Gardens magazine

We just received the Homes & Gardens E-newsletter this morning and it was nice to discover that they had mentioned the launch of our new website in it with a lovely review.

"Unique home accessories website Bodie and Fou has not only launched a new autumn/winter collection, but also a new-look site. Created by French sisters Elodie (Bodie) and Karine (Fou), the website has been revamped to give you a stress-free shopping experience.
Offering a boutique feel, now includes a wishlist option, an A-Z list of designers, a gift guide for all occasions and a gift-wrapping service. Finding a stylish piece for your home or for your Christmas shopping couldn't be easier. We think the Family Tree Print is the perfect way to display family photos, particularly great for teaching children about their relatives."
We agree and we also think it's a nice and thoughful gift for a new mother or as a wedding gift.

Animated moving bookshelf

Who's moving those books? The spirits from within the walls of your house have decided to come and read, but cannot make up their minds about which book to read.
* Made of paper, plastic and metal.
* Measures 6" long x 6.5" wide x 8" high.
* Books slide in and out.
* Makes eerie sounds.
* Motion activation.
* Requires (4) "AA" batteries. (includes video of books in motion)

Win 3 beautiful London map prints by Famille Summerbelle

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we will run a fabulous competition from October to December 2009 to reward three people each month instead of the usual one! In fact, we may do something like the Paris map print to win in October, the London map print in November and the NYC print in December as they are all as popular as each other.
To enter the competition, simply go to our competition page here and fill in the form with all your details.
From tomorrow, you can enter up until the end of October. The draw takes place on the 1st of the next month.
We'll contact the winners by email and announce them on Twitter so if you don't follow us on twitter yet, do now

Unlike traditional interior

Wedding dinner photo shoot, new house, renovation. I think all these elements are part of starting a new family for most young couples. And often the money is a real headache. So what can you achieve with the budget for renovation least verify that this minimalist house with a budget of 10k.

Unlike traditional interior is all about filling or "space decorating, minimalism, is also taking away, reduction of elements to a minimum, preservation of open spaces and make us more aware of this space. Color is used sparingly. The walls neutral colors, with mirrors to draw the eye to create a dramatic contrast. Living room
Salon 2
Finally, the dog owner lovely
to learn more.....CLIK HERE
if you following FURNITURE........CLIK HERE
if you following CERAMICS POTTERY........CLIK HERE

Marie-Claire Maison loves our new site

We just received a short but very nice email from Nadege Fougeras, the Web Editor of Marie-Claire Maison who kindly wrote to us out of the blue:

"I love your site. Bravo!!"

Ok it's short but it says it all and we are over the moon...Marie-Claire Maison is one of our favourites French interior magazines and I don't know about you but I have little lists of things I would like to do in my life (like launching my own uber cool online shop for instance)...and one of my DREAMS would be to have either our little business or our home featured in it...that would be a dream come true :-)
Their website is full of inspiring ideas and gorgeous interiors which we regularly feature on the BODIE and FOU nice to finish the day on a positive note!

Comptoir des Cotonniers Mother/daughter casting

Each season, one of my favourite French fashion labels Comptoir des Cotonniers organises a casting nationwide to find real mothers and daughters as the new faces for their advertising campaign. The casting in London for the Spring Summer 2010 collection is happening tomorrow: Wednesday September 30th.
So tonight, tell your husband that you will spend the evening in the bathroom and lock yourself to come out truly stunning so that you can take your gorgeous daughter and yourself to the casting tomorrow.

Casting takes place from 4-7pm in their boutiques on London's King's Road, and at 40 East Street, Brighton.
For more information visit

New-York City paper cut map in stock next week!

Finally the wait is over.....the NYC map by Famille Summerbelle is now ready! Whether you are a die-hard Sex And The City fan or have already got a few NYC marathons under your belt (or your boyfriend has…that counts too), the NYC map print is one of these designs that are going to make a great Christmas’ must-have for everybody in search of cool designs for the home, great wedding present or birthday gift.
The NYC map is available in two beautiful colours: Plum (just saying the word sounds gorgeous) and night blue and BODIE and FOU will receive the prints next week but you can pre-order yours now.
We will also get more stock of the Paris in hot pink and London map in turquoise - which keeps selling faster than we have time to eat a chocolate muffin and god knows when it comes to chocolate eating, we're fast!
I'm so excited for Julie, the French Designer of Famille Summerbelle (read interview here) and us of course, because it's a great success for our little company to find beautiful designs that so many people love. Julie did a lot of research on NYC before starting to draw the different areas and decided to focus on the lower part of Manhattan where you find most of the tourist attractions and the Brooklyn border.

I have to say I really loved the London and Paris maps and the latter is now in our house in France but now my favourite is definitively the NYC print....I have such wonderful and happy memories of trips to NYC...the last one in 2004 was before having Mila....I escaped there for a week of fun with my best friend Manu and we had the time of our lives. Then I came back to London and things in my life started to change quicker than I ever expected. Steve moved in, 5 months later I was pregnant and 9 months later Elodie and I launched BODIE and FOU, the rest is history as they say...Well it was more like a mad adventure that kept me very busy for the past four years but I'm dying to go back to New-York, spend some time with my friend Charlotte and live again the whole SATC again even if I have moved onto House and Gossip Girl.
So tell me..which print are you? The London map in turquoise or red here or the Paris map in hot pink or sage green here?

Spectrum bookshelf

Maximising The Potential Of Small Spaces

If your living space is small and restrictive you will need to adopt the tricks of the interior design world to give the illusion of more space!

White is a classical example of maximising space by tricking the eye into thinking the space is larger than reality. Brushed steel and reflective surfaces are another trick used as the light is bounced around the room which again provides the illusion of more space.

Many people place a mirror on a chimney breast as older houses typically have the window directly opposite the fireplace! Maximising the light by placing a mirror to catch as much natural light as possible has been adopted for many years!

White is also an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms as bright white has a clean, crisp look, especially when new! Be careful though otherwise your home could become an uninviting steely icy place which makes you feel cold! The easiest route and key is to add subtle touches of a vibrant warm colour such as red or orange.

Just select a few carefully placed objects of interest and add the finishing touches such as either a white or coloured roller blind to the window which will allow the maximum amount of light to enter the room when pulled or rolled up to the top of the window. Roller blinds are also ideal for lowering to a height which prevent glare from sunlight when working in the sink area, because just like older styled houses have windows opposite the fireplaces, they also have kitchen windows above the sink!

Image: AtticMag

Villa Room Design in Netherlands

Villa Room Design in Netherlands

Architect Paul de Ruiter has designed a contemporary villa ‘Villa Room‘ design located in Rhenen, Netherlands. See the previous architectures design by paul de ruiter on Villa Berkel. The Villa Room residential architecture design concept was to allow the daily activities of the residents to form the main structure of the building. Designed in the year 2004 with 491 sqm constructed area, this villa room is arranged around an open space with a roof through which light can enter. The owner of this modern villa room which is an artist wanted a studio with a beautiful view of the garden and an exhibition space, a house that could be controlled, in relation to both the indoor climate and the degree of privacy. The result is a villa which, although providing space to sleep, eat, and live, does not have a traditional living room.

Luxury Bathrooms Designs Evolution

Luxury Bathrooms Designs EvolutionLuxury Bathrooms Designs Evolution

Master bathroom or luxury bathrooms today include at least a toilet, bidet, two sinks, separate tub and shower, whirlpool or spa and perhaps more. The vast windowless room is a testament to modern design; stone, steel, ceramic and wood combine in exciting ways to stimulate the tactile senses. Luxury bathroom design you can get the newly picked, garden-fresh flowers, elegant stylish polished marble and easygoing peaceable music at your own home which you have earlier wished for seeing them on the spas. On the entertainment front the TV and music system are very modish. The future of bathroom furniture is here, and it’s sleek, elegant, bold and cool.

In a luxury bathroom design you will find many different toilets, sinks, shower, cabinets, mirrors, hot tub and many other accessories of the toilet that will give the aura of a modern designed spa that will suit your lifestyle.

Twin Houses Design in Los Angeles CA

Twin Houses Design in Los Angeles CATwin Houses Design in Los Angeles CA

Twin Houses Design in Los Angeles CATwin Houses Design in Los Angeles CA

This modern concrete architectural homes design of two Twin Houses was projected by Predock Frane Architects. The Two Twin Houses residential design is located in in the Palisades, a hilly region between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains, within an existing 1950’s housing development.

This residential project design consists of two twin houses sited adjacent to each other on a steep slope above a seasonal watershed. In this project we were interested in exploring the intersection of two classic California building typologies: the courtyard house and the hillside house. This intersection was then further complicated by the overlay of two unsynchronized jurisdictional height envelope parameters that very explicitly controlled the volumetric limits of the structures.

The building program was extensive relative to total city allowances, so we started by intersecting the two envelopes, and then pierced this volume with two courtyards, altering the hillside typology into a hillside/courtyard hybrid.

This typological hybrid “corrected” certain shortcomings in the hillside prototype. The central courtyard creates a large protected outdoor living space secluded from direct engagement with adjacent properties. The main courtyard and adjacent courtyard/recesses pierce the entire volume of the house creating light shafts to rooms typically “buried” in the hillside and further expanding direct access to grounded exterior spaces.

Materially the exteriors of the houses are clad in 12? wide cedar plank. The exterior surfaces are rough cut, transitioning to smooth finishes on the interior surfaces. The windows and the interiors of the courtyards are smooth, white, light reflective surfaces to further transmit light deep into the house.

Modern & Minimalist Interior Apartement Design

Modern & Minimalist Interior Apartement Design

Interior Bathroom Apartement DesignInterior Bathroom Apartement Design

Interior Bedroom Apartement DesignInterior Bedroom Apartement Design

Interior Kitchen Apartement DesignInterior Kitchen Apartement Design

Amazing apartment with modern white interior design decoration. White balance is a room dominated by white balancing with modern furniture marked with dark color such as black cabinet, sofa, frame and the painting of this room to add more enthusiastic. A soft white wall colors with modern furniture and interior design is very delighting. This apartment was designed as minimalist as possible without losing in comfort. more information visit here.

McDonald’s UK Restaurant Interior Designs

McDonald’s UK Restaurant Interior Designs

McDonald’s UK Restaurant Interior Designs

McDonald’s UK Restaurant Interior Designs
McDonald’s UK Restaurant Interior Designs

This cool contemporary restaurant interior design was projected by london based design firm SHH for various McDonald’s restaurant locations around England. European McDonald’s restaurants have been updating their interiors to a more modern and contemporary design in over the past few years, and it’s interesting to see the results because everyone around the world can relate to what a McDonald’s usually looks like. In the new interiors, the typical (and uncomfortable) fixed plastic seating is gone, and instead we’re seeing upholstered banquettes, wood tables, and hanging lamps.

Visit the SHH website – here.

Free Green Home Seminar & Timberpeg Home Tour Oct 11

Anyone planning to build a new energy efficient home, addition, or remodel their existing home is encouraged to attend a Free Green Home Seminar and Timberpeg® Green Open House Tour on Sunday, October 11, 2009. Here are the important details:

Free Seminar on Building a Green Home:
Best Western Sunapee Lake Lodge, Newbury, NH
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (registration starts at 8:30)

Timberpeg® Open House Tour: Lot 22, Summit Road, Sutton, NH
(green home under construction) 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

You'll have plenty of time to talk to the experts: Jeremy Bonin, AIA NCARB LEED AP, Bonin Architects & Associates, PLLC; Jay Tucker, Custom Home Builder, Old Hampshire Designs, Inc.; and Dan O'Halloran, Colby Real Estate.

Registration for the seminar is requested. Get directions, an Itinerary and register for these free green events at

Free Green Home Seminar & Timberpeg Home Tour Oct 11

Anyone planning to build a new energy efficient home, addition, or remodel their existing home is encouraged to attend a Free Green Home Seminar and Timberpeg® Green Open House Tour on Sunday, October 11, 2009. Here are the important details:

Free Seminar on Building a Green Home:
Best Western Sunapee Lake Lodge, Newbury, NH
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (registration starts at 8:30)

Timberpeg® Open House Tour: Lot 22, Summit Road, Sutton, NH
(green home under construction) 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

You'll have plenty of time to talk to the experts: Jeremy Bonin, AIA NCARB LEED AP, Bonin Architects & Associates, PLLC; Jay Tucker, Custom Home Builder, Old Hampshire Designs, Inc.; and Dan O'Halloran, Colby Real Estate.

Registration for the seminar is requested. Get directions, an Itinerary and register for these free green events at


Stainless steel
Nicola Zanetti

What does your bookcase say about you?

When bookshelves aren't giving away our deepest secrets or providing browsing or boasting opportunities, they can be decor essentials in their own right, says Ms Geddes-Brown. In fact, bookcases occasionally have nothing at all to do with reading. (pictured: Peter Sandico's bookcases)

Billy Jader

Happy Birthday BILLY! These playful limited edition bookcases were created to celebrate 30 years of the BILLY bookcase. Designed by Annika Bryngelsson, BILLY JADER is decorated with Shakespheare's love poems, while BILLY BJASTE was inspired by Japanese manga. Make sure you pick one up on the 28th of September before they become collectors items!

Introducing Kayatine.....

Kayatine is a new label launched by the young (only 24) and obviously very talented French designer Julie Lepage-Chartier.
In France, 'un Doudou' is what we call the first soft toy, a baby will take a fancy to and this a toy that your child is likely to keep forever so choosing the perfect Doudou is no mean feat!
The first time we saw Julie's 'Doudous', we felt in love straight away...I mean look at this one called Poppy. Even if you haven't got a child, wouldn't you want something as cute and friendly in your home! I love it!

Doudou Poppy is one of eight brothers and sisters. Each one has little ears that are easy for tiny baby hands to grab (or suck as babies do!). Its bottom is embroidered with a cure little heart and the fabrics Julie has picked (for instance for Doudou Bobi) are just beautiful and cheerful.

Poppy is also available in violette here.

The photo of Doudou Kiou does not any justice to the amazing, soft white fabric Julie selected but I promise you it is one very soft doudou which makes a perfect present for a new-born baby along with our best-selling Angel babygro in white or pink here.

We will add more gorgeous designs from Kayatine in the forthcoming months as Julie has also designed uber cute babygros and bath set for babies and I can't wait for her to do her Doudou as cushions!
For more inspiration on how to create gorgeous children bedrooms, check out the amazing collection of Japanese books from Paumes.

Luxurious Sheldon Avenue House

UK based Belsize Architects have been commissioned to design a luxury property by conforming to plot size and local authority limitations. A lavish design exercise in the heart of London, the Sheldon Avenue House is a great example of what creativity and modern day techniques can come up with. It’s a three story U-shaped building that uses large “chunks” of glass (for natural lighting), has seven bedrooms, incorporates a central gathering area, contemporary furniture and an elegant furnishings that follow an exquisite theme inside. And did we mention the amazing indoor pool that looks party-perfect? [via Adelto]

Modern Spanish Interior Design

Ownby are acclaimed for their acceptable yet avant-garde design. The appropriate spiced-up composure shows up in this activity too – a redesigned affluence abode in Estancia, abreast Pinnacle Peak. The all-inclusive 5500 sq. ft. home offers aggregate the association may anytime need, and alike added – adept bedroom, adept bathroom, dining room, active room, comfortable ancestors room, accumulated dining-living room, 2 home offices for both owners, wet bar and pool. Each one of the appliance pieces are anxiously called to altogether bout the blow of the home. This makes the accomplished abode looks like it was furnished by the aforementioned artefact line

Modern Bamboo Furniture

Recently accelerating from Sweden’s Konstfack University, Japanese artist Sachiko Segawa presents her final amount activity Take Kagu. Its name actually agency “bamboo furniture” and is aggressive by Segawa’s adolescence memories of a bamboo backwoods and a new actual – bamboo plywood. Using this new bamboo material, the artist created several pieces of appliance which in her words should “create a bamboo backwoods activity “. Though there are several problems with bamboo forests, continues Segawa, bamboo is admired as actual ecological and acceptable material. We aboveboard ambition acceptable luck to this new artist and lots of afflatus in the action of creating abundant pieces of avant-garde appliance like these ones.

India Modern Home House Design

According to the architects, the abode should as able-bodied serve as an archetype for admixture amid avant-garde and acceptable appearance in India’s home architecture practice. And it absolutely is – on the one duke we accept a architecture organized about a axial courtyard, suggesting the Indian home’s affiliation to nature, and on the added – the glassy avant-garde architecture with lots of automated louvers and aluminum sunshades. Knowing that every avant-garde home should be eco-conscious, DADA advised the abode appealing acceptable with accustomed ventilation, solar collectors and minimum use of bogus lighting.

Brazil Modern Mountain Home

Sitting on a acropolis in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and adverse a all-inclusive valley, this award-winning abreast abundance home is a abundant archetype of how rational avant-garde architectonics and Nature’s adorableness can analyze and highlight one addition at the aforementioned time. Geometric shapes argue the landscape’s amoebic forms, and the adventurous white-red-orange blush arrangement makes the architectonics angle out alike added amidst the surrounding greenery. Designed by Ulisses Morato of Morato Arquitetura and afflicted by Portuguese colonial architecture, this admirable distinct abode is congenital on three levels and uses the steeply angled artifice the best way possible. As for the angle to the basin – one word: breathtaking.

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