Thanks to the new Liesmichl the days of dog-ears and bookmarks are gone for good. Liesmichl is not only storage for paper backs. It also keeps the pages marked for you while you have something else to do. The upper horizontal tray can be used for a drinking glass or other “reading companions.
Nils Holger Moormann

Furniture 2

Cell reading bookshelves

Very excited and honoured....

to have been asked by Holly, the talented 'Blogging Queen' of Decor8 to write a piece on a few of my favourite things at home as a guest blogger....

I'm feeling the pressure a bit there given the massive and interior-savvy readership Holly has from around the world but hey.... I'm super excited too!!

I'm trying to take some decent pictures from things I like at home but the light is not great today anyway...more later

(C) pics from Decor8

Billy Heidenreich

35 million units have been sold worldwide of the IKEA shelf Billy – making it the world’s biggest seller when it comes to shelves. Following the slogan Pimp my Billy we have devoted our creativity to this classic IKEA piece to make it "wilder".
ding 3000


I would like to express the beautifulness of space division into this work. I gave the geometrically vertical and horizontal divisions to this furniture composed of seemingly unstable curves, in order to make the audiences feel stability from an instable furniture.
Sang Hoon Kim

Stretch shelf

Cast Rubber + Machined Aluminum
Pete Oyler

Maison MK

The beautiful hotel Maison MK from Marocco.

* O belo hotel Maison MK de Marrocos.

Les Cigognes

Let's go to Les Cigognes in Marrakech?

* Vamos para o Les Cigognes em Marrakesh?

Mon coup de coeur this weekend is

for the illustrations of Scott Balmer, who after graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone college of Art & Design in Scotland, started life as a freelance illustrator.
My favourite is the one below, called Poop in the Woods but they are all very playful and I love the fact that his characters don't give a damn about being size 0...
I think they look a lot more cuddlier with curves and big bellies, bicepts and they are all smiling!!

this is Lumberjack

If you are in the UK, you may have across his work in The Guardian but he has also done a bit of work for Inc. magazine and Business Week in the US.
This is The Amazing Hilda

This is The Hills

this is DNA

this is Sugar Frosted

You can see more of Scott's work on Flickr here

Portable bookcase

Allcases participates in the GSA case program and has designed cases for all facets of mobile military operations. Computer and Field Equipment Cases, Field Desk and Mobile Office containers, Rackmount cases of all kinds, standard entry cases, double entry cases, Mini Rack Cases, Pro Rack Cases, RADE (Rapid Access Double Entry) cases, footlockers, trunk lockers, deployable bookcases, medical cases and weapons containers are available.

Breakfast @ photographer's Michael Paul

I mentioned earlier this week that a magazine from New-Zealand NZ Life & Leisure wanted to run a story on our house in France so tomorrow Steve and I are having breakfast with Michael Paul (see gorgeous shots of a house in Notting Hill Michael shot) and his wife Kumiko to meet up before they come and stay in our house at the end of August. I'm super excited!!!!
Michael is from New-Zealander like Steve and Kumiko is from Japan and she is a stylist...I don't know about you but when I think of Japanese creative people, all I can think of are these 'to die-for' Japanese books by Paumes. They are my bibles, I have heaps of them and I don't even speak a word of Japanese but that's not what they are about. They are pure beauty, bibles, treasures of inspiration and I'm pretty sure that our breakfast with this creative couple (Michael takes beautiful photos!) is going to be really good.

For a small company like us, it's always a fantastic opportunity to be asked to feature in gorgeous, interiors and lifestyle magazine and so far (touch wood), we've been incredibly lucky. It is a lot of wouldn't believe how much I clean the house before and re-arrange things, finish DIY jobs I have been putting off for ages....but it's fun...Mila and Lily are a bit blase now but Elodie and I love it because it gives us the chance to work with some very talented photographers.
The first time we had Alun Callender and poor him....he had just came back from shooting Normann Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) and Zoe Ball's luxury yatch and he must have wondered why on earth You magazine was sending him to France a whole weekend to shoot our house!
The second photoshoot was really great & fun...The whole family was there and we had our friends Alexia, Nicolas with their son Sacha but also Chris Tubbs, the photographer sent by Grand Designs magazine was fantastic...such a cool, laid-back guy....a very nice person.
Chris spent the night at our house so we had diner and breakfast together and we had plenty of time for us to talk about photography and stylism and he gave us some great tips.

As my mantra is if you dont ask you don't get, I asked Michael if he was giving photography classes...I would love to do a photography course but being taught by someone who does great interiors & lifestyle shots. He doesn't but he is going to teach me a few techie things about the light and we will try some shots together in cool!
Anyway I didn't want to bore you, I'm just really excited by the whole thing and I wanted to share it...On his happy note, I wish you all a very good weekend!

Kristina's handmade jumper

Kristina is/was studying at Camberwell College of Arts. This handmade, hand-embroidered jumper was one of her degree projects. This one was about memory and nostalgia and she embroidered words taken from her diaries when I was 16. Isn't this gorgeous?

She is also trying to finish a children book to enter the Macmillan Prize and does wonderful illustrations which she sells on Etsy.

Beauty in small things

Pretty images from Sunday Suppers blog.

* Belas imagens do blog Sunday Suppers.

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